Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pasha from Knitty

Thank goodness there's a group here just for knitted toys - I thought I was the only as obsessed ;) Glad to see I've got good company!

Pasha was very quick, a couple of longish evenings and she was sewn up. Pasha's a she 'cause she demanded the glittery red scarf. However, she's a little confused 'cause when she wandered outside, there's no snow and it's HOT!


Sue said...

I think she is incredibly adorable! Though until you said it, I wondered what seemed off and yes, it’s the no snow (which personally I do not presently miss …ha). Nice job! Is it a gift for someone?

Jude said...

Thank you, Sue! I looove her too ;)

Actually, since this is my first Pasha she's for me (if it's a 'practice' piece I don't give 'em away. When I've got all the bugs worked out, then I give 'em away.)

I made her extra special since I'm sentimentally inclined: I embroidered (roughly) my initials on her bottom, and put these smooth beach rocks in her tummy - from a special trip to the NC beach last year w/good friends. You can hear 'em click if she bounces ;)

Susan said...

very cute. love the scarf

ms. pea said...

So sweet! Penguins for summer... what a great idea!