Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Painfully cute patterns

I couldn't help myself - I had to purchase the Swat Team Kitties felted knit amigurumi pattern from Crafty Alien's etsy shop. Don't follow those links unless you're prepared to buy - they are absolutely adorable!


Abelard Hassan di Chirico Flint

This is the mouse I knit from the free pattern at Purl Bee. I made up the aran sweater and scarf. Abel was going to a St. Patrick's day party with me so he needed a green sweater and aran seemed appropriate for the holiday! His body is knit with Alice Starmore Campion. Someone gave me a ball of it to knit and it is a wonderful yarn!
Oh and he is based on the title character of Abel's Island by William Steig. This is a wonderful children's book that I highly recommend!
Well, thanks for inviting me to join and post on your blog. I just love to knit toys and will post more pictures in time!
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Thanks again,

Topsy Turvy

I love to knit toys, and my kids love them. I've made a few lately, but only one has sat for a photo session. This is Topsy Turvy. I used a pattern from one of Jean Greenhowe's books. She was a birthday present (commissioned by my 6 year old!).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am so sorry I have been so lax about this blog! Way too much stuff going on at home (including a kitchen remodel), and I was way behind on invites. I just sent out all the invites I think I had waiting - please let me know if you want one and didn't get it. I'll also be working on getting the sidebar updated sooner rather than later. For now, keep knitting toys!


Hello! I joined this KAL a long time ago and haven't knit any toys since then. I've remedied the situation!

This is my elephant family, based on the Elvis the Elephant pattern. They're fairly quick as far as toys go, although that's a lot of little legs. :-) Details, etc., if you wish them, are available on my blog.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bears that bring smiles

I decided it was time for my kids to get a handknit toy, so I made them each a Baby Bobbi Bear. I loved this knit, and my kids adore their bears. I have more details and pictures on my blog.

octopus looking for some love


I'm George the Octopus. My hobbies include whale-watching, Sudoku and arm-wrestling. I love long walks on the beach at night. You too? Come get a free pattern for me over at f.pea.

Mm, those felted fish look tasty. Did I mention I love sushi?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swimmy Swimmy

My best friend is having a baby! Wooo hooo! She's an avid SCUBA diver and loves all things under the sea. I've been wanting to make her a felted fish mobile for ages, but had to wait for her to
  1. Reconnect with her college boyfriend
  2. Move in with him
  3. Get married
  4. Buy a home
  5. ...and then get pregnant!

Doesn't she know that there is knitting to do?

Finally now I can start, but I can't blog about it over at my blog, so I'm so glad I have this forum!

I got my yarn (Knitpicks Palette) and my pattern, Felted Fish from the Knitters Stash book. This used to be available from Patternworks as a kit also... hey, it still is!

My only problem now is that the pattern asks for sport or worsted weight, but I thought both would make too large of fish. I'm using fingering weight to make them smaller... so what needles do I use? Are 4s too small for a felted project?