Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Gnome - front

Gnome - back

All pieces of the toys I knitted on DPNs. No sewing legs, arms and body!

Look for Modraszek's curious eyes ;o)). Nice, aren't?

Monday, October 8, 2007

My Siamese Cat Iris

This is a version of my Siamese cat Iris.

Made her up as I knit her and I think she is pretty funny.

Tell me what you think...her eyes are freshwater pearls

and she is knit with Cascade 220 and Karabella mohair.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


One of my co-workers wanted to get back into knitting by making a simple toy. I showed her Knitty and she was off. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite get the hang of the pattern she picked: Bubby. So she bequeathed me the yarn and her pattern print out. Three months later, Bubby was born.

I'm not sure I like him - he's kind of floppy and awkward - but the Boy has taken to him as a stuffed bear representation of himself, so there's that. And I get to give him away - there's that too.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

three best friends

I made these three tiny amigurumi by Anna Paula Rimoli - one a day - for the three pregnant ladies at the Lettuce Knit sn'b: Jendricks, Craftygrrrl & tapeheads

They're made, as the author of the pattern suggests, with oddments of worsted yarn. In order, we have beige merino from King Cole (bunny hat); pink Phentex (Jumblie); blue and green Lamb's Pride (robot parade); and white Cascade 220 (skull socks o' fury). The eyes are felt, the smiles are embroidery thread, and there is a ribbon on the cactus. The Boy feels that they are BFF - so maybe the babies will be, too.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Koala Bear

Here is my knitted koala. This adorable little bear is from "Knitted Animals" by Jean Greenhowe. The pattern is easy and pretty fast to knit. Koala measures 12 cm (4.7 inch) from top to toe, excluding the ears.

Pattern: "Knitted Animals" by Jean Greenhowe
Yarn: Kotek (100% acrylic) 300 m = 100 g in beige and white colour
Needles: 2.5 mm DPNS


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Little Red

I've just finished another Jean Greenhowe dolly. This one is Little Red Riding Hood. I made her for my husband's cousin's daughter who will be two in December. Her grandmother (hubby's aunt) asked me to make a simple, indestrucible doll and this is the result. I'm less than thrilled with the feet and am considering doing something to them. She still needs some ribbon added for a belt and around the wrists, but she is very cuddly and very sweet I think!

Friday, August 31, 2007

meet cris

After all the cute bunnies, monkeys and bears around here, I thought it was time for some wildlife that was, um... "challenged" in the cute department. But you know, you can make almost anything cute by knitting it.

This is Cris, short for Condyluria cristata:


Cris is a star-nosed mole. I have a deep and abiding love for star-nosed moles, because they are the only semi-aquatic mole species (they can swim!) and they burrow deep underground and grab grubs and other wiggly food with their 22 amazing nose tentacles (read much more about them here). These aren't the moles that tear up your lawn - those would be the eastern and hairy-tale moles, if you live in the eastern U.S. as I do.

The star-nosed mole can be the totem animal for any of you underwater archaeologists, tunnel diggers or grub-eaters out there.

And if you see a strange-looking critter in your yard, don't scream - knit it! I promise you'll love it afterwards.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby Bunny

Meet my fbunny :o) Pattern of it - own idea.
It was fun to play with the toy and it was a quick knit :o).

Yarn: recycled thin wool in flesh tone, grey, white and black colour
Needles: 2 mm circular

Monday, August 20, 2007

monkey time!

Hello fellow toy knitters! I haven't posted here before, but I've been having a lot of fun with my toy knitting recently and wanted to share my latest FO.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Mr. Dangly, but knit in the round. I used the modified numbers for the head that I found here and I knit the ears differently than written because I didn't have the pattern with me when I started them (but I do like how they turned out).
Yarn: Plymouth Encore DK in bright pink (#1385) and yellow (#215)
Needles: size 3 bamboo dpns
Size: monkey sized! I haven't measured her, but she's a little shorter than Mizu (my 9week old kitten) is long.

As a note, sewing the head on the body is very tricksy, perhaps because I knit it in the round, or perhaps because I have trouble with the sewing up. Either way, the head is flopsy and I need to think of a better way of attaching the two before I make up another one. Any ideas?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I haven't yet named her, but I'm really pleased with how she turned out. Any thoughts on a name? I first thought about Bella, but somebody else suggested Ramona, which I never would have thought of! She stands about 7 and 1/2 inches tall and was made from acrylic (I know, I know ...) yarn. I used a mercerized cotton for her little dress. The pattern was from Fuzzymitten.com and it was very easy to follow. In fact, I've already cast on for another little bunny.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Big Foot

I finished my Big Foot Bunny! His pattern is in Zoe Mellor Knitted Toys. I made this guy in woolease that I had stashed. He's not soft enough for my 6 month old but he's the perfect shelf sitter. My Grandmother-in-law has a birthday this month and I'm thinking that he would LOVE to go home with her. I included a picture of the bunny before the bow tie since the bow adds personality. The pattern was simple but had lots of pieces to sew in (the soles and the ears). It took me two weeks to get motivated enough to finish it up but I am sure glad that I did. I opted to skip a mouth so that he had a classic toy look. Next on my list? Something from Lucinda Guy...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finished Mischievous Mouse

Here's one of the reason's why I love this toy:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have never joined a KAL so this is my first post! I based this doll on the dolly in Zoe Mellor's Nursery Knits. My daughter requested that she have no hat and hair just like this. Hair is always a challenge for me so having it specially requested was a HUGE challenge. My daughter also designed the color scheme for her clothes. It was lots of fun and my daughter loves her so it was worth the effort. I'm currently working on the Big Foot Bunny from Knitted Toys. I'll post when I have something that even resembles an animal!

Monday, July 16, 2007


I just finished this little guy from a pattern I found on Susan Anderson (of Itty Bitty Hats)'s blog. The details are on my blog, but here's the FO pic.(http://susanbanderson.blogspot.com/2007/04/page-18-elefante.html)

Another Snake

Pattern: Sleepy Snake and the Mischievious Mouse from Mochimochiland by Anna Hrachovec.
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted wool (jaded dreams and lemon drop)
Needles: Sz 6 circulars
Dates: July 12-July 15
For: My Neph who will turn 4 at the end of the month
Mods: Used worsted weight instead of DK. Won't felt it. I'm on the fence regarding whether or not I'm going to knit the toupee.
Thoughts: LOVE it. I think my nephew will be thrilled.

Here's the Mischievous Mouse in progress:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Slithery Snake

Pattern: Slithery Snake from Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor.
Yarn: Odd bits of Wool-Ease (green and natural) and Red Heart (blue)
Needles: Sz 8 Clover bamboo circulars
Dates: early July-July 14
For: The Neph who turned 4 on Saturday!
Mods: Didn't do as many colors, went with a larger gauge yarn and needle, didn't follow the pattern exactly (as I seemingly can't read), was a touch shorter than the finished measurements.
Thoughts: Cute! Went quickly, though I was disappointed not to use up more stash yarn. Must find more uses for it.

Also: There is a minor error in the pattern - it calls for you to cast on 12 stitches, and then to increase in the first row to 12 stitches. You should cast on 8 instead.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bertie Bear

This adorable cutie-pie is from Sandra Polley's book The Knitted Teddy Bear. Took a while for me to make as I just finally learned seaming - well, just mattress stitch. Regardless, he's very sweet, patiently waiting for his blue shorts before being sent to my good friend Varina across the country ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Here is a duck that I knit for my sister from the book Knitted Toys by Fiona McTague. I changed the feet and legs as they were knit flat and the feet were made from two pieces and then it was all sewn together. Instead I just made the legs like socks with some extra shaping in the toes. The yarn was Dale of Norway Baby Ull. I stuffed the Duckie with wool and made up a little fringed scarf for him.
My sister raises ducks so I thought she would find this little toy funny and I noticed the last time I visited Jeanne that the Duckie had a prominant place on her fireplace. I was so flattered!

This is the little teddy bear from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. He's going to be given away next weekend at a baby shower for a little boy named Mason. Little Mason is just two weeks old now, so this little teddy bear is just the perfect size for a perfect little boy. I used Cascade 220 and size 4 needles. He was a quick little knit!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Painfully cute patterns

I couldn't help myself - I had to purchase the Swat Team Kitties felted knit amigurumi pattern from Crafty Alien's etsy shop. Don't follow those links unless you're prepared to buy - they are absolutely adorable!


Abelard Hassan di Chirico Flint

This is the mouse I knit from the free pattern at Purl Bee. I made up the aran sweater and scarf. Abel was going to a St. Patrick's day party with me so he needed a green sweater and aran seemed appropriate for the holiday! His body is knit with Alice Starmore Campion. Someone gave me a ball of it to knit and it is a wonderful yarn!
Oh and he is based on the title character of Abel's Island by William Steig. This is a wonderful children's book that I highly recommend!
Well, thanks for inviting me to join and post on your blog. I just love to knit toys and will post more pictures in time!
Check out my blog:
Thanks again,

Topsy Turvy

I love to knit toys, and my kids love them. I've made a few lately, but only one has sat for a photo session. This is Topsy Turvy. I used a pattern from one of Jean Greenhowe's books. She was a birthday present (commissioned by my 6 year old!).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am so sorry I have been so lax about this blog! Way too much stuff going on at home (including a kitchen remodel), and I was way behind on invites. I just sent out all the invites I think I had waiting - please let me know if you want one and didn't get it. I'll also be working on getting the sidebar updated sooner rather than later. For now, keep knitting toys!


Hello! I joined this KAL a long time ago and haven't knit any toys since then. I've remedied the situation!

This is my elephant family, based on the Elvis the Elephant pattern. They're fairly quick as far as toys go, although that's a lot of little legs. :-) Details, etc., if you wish them, are available on my blog.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bears that bring smiles

I decided it was time for my kids to get a handknit toy, so I made them each a Baby Bobbi Bear. I loved this knit, and my kids adore their bears. I have more details and pictures on my blog.

octopus looking for some love


I'm George the Octopus. My hobbies include whale-watching, Sudoku and arm-wrestling. I love long walks on the beach at night. You too? Come get a free pattern for me over at f.pea.

Mm, those felted fish look tasty. Did I mention I love sushi?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swimmy Swimmy

My best friend is having a baby! Wooo hooo! She's an avid SCUBA diver and loves all things under the sea. I've been wanting to make her a felted fish mobile for ages, but had to wait for her to
  1. Reconnect with her college boyfriend
  2. Move in with him
  3. Get married
  4. Buy a home
  5. ...and then get pregnant!

Doesn't she know that there is knitting to do?

Finally now I can start, but I can't blog about it over at my blog, so I'm so glad I have this forum!

I got my yarn (Knitpicks Palette) and my pattern, Felted Fish from the Knitters Stash book. This used to be available from Patternworks as a kit also... hey, it still is!

My only problem now is that the pattern asks for sport or worsted weight, but I thought both would make too large of fish. I'm using fingering weight to make them smaller... so what needles do I use? Are 4s too small for a felted project?

Monday, May 28, 2007


I finally finished something! This is Birdie from Lucinda Guy's Handknits for Kids, knit out of Rowan Cotton Glace.

I hope to knit a few more toys this summer - and to get this blog updated with everyone's information!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pasha from Knitty

Thank goodness there's a group here just for knitted toys - I thought I was the only as obsessed ;) Glad to see I've got good company!

Pasha was very quick, a couple of longish evenings and she was sewn up. Pasha's a she 'cause she demanded the glittery red scarf. However, she's a little confused 'cause when she wandered outside, there's no snow and it's HOT!

Monday, May 21, 2007

the momerath was lonely


So I made him some friends.

This little momerath village will be a birthday gift for a sweet little girl who's turning four next week. I hope she likes them!

P.S. I wrote about toys (sewn, not knitted) on Sew Green today - stop by and say hi!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Soft and Fluffy

I'm in a few Harry Potter KALs and I was seeing a lot of house scarves and hats and stuff like that, but I wanted to do something really original.

So I knit Lord Voldemort. I used the basic person pattern in World Of Knitted Toys, except that I ignored the directions for the nose, since he doesn't have one. I sewed his robes rather than knit them, for time's sake more than anything else.

Friday, May 4, 2007


This is the kitty from book, Natural Knits for Babies and Moms . I really like this book a lot. The patterns are simple, yet elegant. The kitty was a pretty fast knit. This little kitty was gifted to a very dear little 3 year old boy as part of his Easter basket.

I used Cascade 220 wool and size 7 needles. I'm looking forward to making another one, except I think I'm going to reverse the colors for the striping since I still have plenty of the yarn left over from this kitty.

There are more details on my blog. I'm casting on for a teddy bear sometime this weekend. Fun!