Tuesday, September 18, 2007


One of my co-workers wanted to get back into knitting by making a simple toy. I showed her Knitty and she was off. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite get the hang of the pattern she picked: Bubby. So she bequeathed me the yarn and her pattern print out. Three months later, Bubby was born.

I'm not sure I like him - he's kind of floppy and awkward - but the Boy has taken to him as a stuffed bear representation of himself, so there's that. And I get to give him away - there's that too.


Rachel said...

I think he is adorable!

Ela said...

Knitted bears are the best! Yours is cute!

Ann said...

I made Bubby, too, in that same shade of taupe[?] and felt the same way about him.

My 28 year old son swiped him to give a friend's one year old for her birthday.

I was not sorry to see the ugly little bugger go.