Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunny Teddy Bear

Today I would like to show my knitted teddy bear from an adorable Jean Greenhowe knitting patterns collection "Jean Greenhowe's Traditional Favourites". I think the teddy is a perfect project for advanced knitters and the teddy has been designed to look like the teddies from my childhood. He is traditional in appearance the design.

This little guy is knit with yellow acrylic yarn with 2.5 mm needles.

I made one little modification in the pattern - my teddy bear has bigger eyes.

I really enjoyed working with the pattern, it knitted up so nicely! My teddy's name is Promyczek (Sun Ray) because of his yellow body. The seated Teddy measures 22 cm (8.7 inch) from the base of the body to the top of the head.
Pattern: Jean Greenhowe's Traditional Favourites
Yarn: DK 100% acrylic 300 m = 100 g
Needles: 2,5 mm circular



Jude said...

GREAT job! He's even cuter than the one on the pattern's front page ;)

f. pea said...

Promyczek is adorable!

Sarizzle said...
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Sarizzle said...

It looks really cool! Sorry about my last comment on "Can I Have One?" And the "Crochet thing..." does the book have a lot of patterns? Thanks!

Unknown said...

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