Monday, June 8, 2009

Knitted Frog buddies

Our new project is finished. It is a little knitted frog - pattern - own. I think it turned out quite nice :o). Does a knitted frog need clothes? I think so if SHE is Miss Frog ;o) She got a knitted collar and a ruffled dress. All pieces of the frog are knitted flat. I’m not a fan of seaming but there are lots of knitters who prefer straight needles.

pattern:our own creation
yarn: acrylic 100%


Sally said...

Your Frog Buddies are gorgeous

Michelle said...

omg these are totally and utterly adorable !!!!! Are you selling these patterns??? M

TricĂ´ da Minie said...

I loved your frog and all the others.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness - they are the sweetest thing I have seen in ages!! I am so definately adding your blog to my faves so I can check back for cute fixes!!!

kiauz59 said...

I have just found your site and love all of the toys that I have seen here, especially the frogs & gnomes. They are spectacular. How can I obtain these patterns - for my mother-in-law to knit for my partenerns grand children & great grandson & ME.

Marta said...

My bestfriend is pregnant and there theme is frogs I saw these and I love them. How can I get the pattern?

Donny said...

FELICITACIONES ¡¡ que bellezas que realizas cual de todas mas lindas .

Puedo colocar en mi blog algunos de tus tejidos

para que vean mis amigas estas bellezas
pero le coloco el nombre de tu blog
Gracias por compartir.
Un saludito desde Argentina

Celeste said...

How would i get this pattern? my mom and dad are adopting a baby from taiwan and they have requested i make a toy frog for the "froggyboy" is it possible to get it really soon?