Monday, March 19, 2007

Hello All!

I love the idea of this KAL, I love to knit silly toys. In fact, I've already got one done!

No, it's not a Tribble.

It's a Huggable Hedgehog from Fiber Trends! I love his pudgy little belly.

I cast Sal on Sunday at about 3 and had him all felted by 9:30 that same night. (1000 bonus points and a cookie for those of you who get why his name is Sal, hint: look at the colors)

I've already got requests for 2 more hedgies and will probably make way more than that! The pattern is wonderfully well written and easy to follow.

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ms. pea said...

he is awesome! i bought that pattern on a whim a while back - now i really want to go make one!

Jenn said...

So cute! I too have the pattern for him- sometime soon!