Sunday, March 11, 2007


Welcome to the Knitted Toys KAL! This will be an ongoing KAL, and you can knit your toys from any resource you like. Several books and free online patterns have been listed in the sidebar, and I'd welcome any more references you can send my way.
I know there are many more single toy patterns in many more books, and you are welcome to knit those as well, but I didn't want to have an enormous list in the sidebar (it's already pretty big).

To join the KAL please send an email to knittoys AT gmail DOT com (replace the at and the dot with the correct symbols), and I'll send you the blogger invite.

When posting, please tag your posts with the name of the pattern, and the author's name (if from a book) or the website. Many of the books have the same general title, and having the author's name will make it much easier to search out others who have knit your pattern.

Included in the free patterns sidebar are patterns for cat toys all well - who says all toys have to be for people? Heck, you can knit hamster toys for all I care! :)

Please email me with questions, and let's knit some toys!


Pink said...

I love making knitted, and crochet, toys...I'll be asking to join.

Chris said...

Oh, check out Amy's pictures from the March 2007 issue of Simply Knit!

ms. pea said...


knitsmith said...

Great idea! I'm so sending an email to join right now. :)