Saturday, April 7, 2007


Thanks for letting me join your KAL. Knitting toys seems to be so fun and creative, I couldn't ignore this group. While I have both Fiona McTague and Family Circle's toy books plus a few scattered patterns in my library, I've yet to sit down and knit a toy. I've recently ordered Stone and Lowe's Adorable Sock Dolls to Make & Love since the toys seem to be as the title describes, just too adorable.

I like the FO's I've seen posted and will check back regularly to see the wonderful things you guys knit up. In my case, it'll be a month before I have anything to show since other obligations are keeping me from devoting much time to knitting.

In the meantime, have fun knitting and being creative.



ms. pea said...

I can't wait to see what you make!

Tonya said...

Have any of you seen a knit lion pattern? I'm having a baby boy and we're going to name him Leo so I want to make a stuffed lion, but everytime I do a search I end up with a million things about Lion Brand Yarn and no knit lions!


sheepish1 said...

Hi would love to join your blog, love to knit toys, not sure how to attach a photo, but I recreated Shy Guy, a Nintendo character for my son from a photo he gave me. currently knitting rabbits, even though Easter is past...there is always next Easter. Love your site!

jessica said...

Hi I'd love to join your kal! I've acutally knit the bunny thats on the button! When I saw it I was like "hey I've made that, how cool" Anyways I really like making toys and would love to join... Not sure how though... shoot me an e-mail!