Friday, August 31, 2007

meet cris

After all the cute bunnies, monkeys and bears around here, I thought it was time for some wildlife that was, um... "challenged" in the cute department. But you know, you can make almost anything cute by knitting it.

This is Cris, short for Condyluria cristata:


Cris is a star-nosed mole. I have a deep and abiding love for star-nosed moles, because they are the only semi-aquatic mole species (they can swim!) and they burrow deep underground and grab grubs and other wiggly food with their 22 amazing nose tentacles (read much more about them here). These aren't the moles that tear up your lawn - those would be the eastern and hairy-tale moles, if you live in the eastern U.S. as I do.

The star-nosed mole can be the totem animal for any of you underwater archaeologists, tunnel diggers or grub-eaters out there.

And if you see a strange-looking critter in your yard, don't scream - knit it! I promise you'll love it afterwards.


Rachel said...

That little guy is adorable!! I've never heard of the critter before, but I'm betting it is so ugly it is cute! Great job.

knitathome said...

Your mole is really darling. Hard to imagine they aren't adorable in real life. Thanks for sharing the picture...makes me wonder what I can dream up.

defenestrator said...

bwahahaa! I LOVE him. I'm not experienced enough to make up my own pattern, or i'd be churning these guys out for all my friends!

aardvark said...

is it for sell?

how can i buy it?