Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Topsy Turvy

I love to knit toys, and my kids love them. I've made a few lately, but only one has sat for a photo session. This is Topsy Turvy. I used a pattern from one of Jean Greenhowe's books. She was a birthday present (commissioned by my 6 year old!).


Jennifer said...

I used to have a doll just like that when I was a little girl! That's very cute.

Sue said...

I have the pattern to make a Jean Greenhowe topsy turvy doll, too. Yours is adorable! I can only imagine how much your 6 year old will love and treasure her. Thanks also for inspiring me to want to make one!

Jude said...

THAT is really awesome! I've never seen a doll like that - unlike jennifer. How fun will that be for your 6 year old!