Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Abelard Hassan di Chirico Flint

This is the mouse I knit from the free pattern at Purl Bee. I made up the aran sweater and scarf. Abel was going to a St. Patrick's day party with me so he needed a green sweater and aran seemed appropriate for the holiday! His body is knit with Alice Starmore Campion. Someone gave me a ball of it to knit and it is a wonderful yarn!
Oh and he is based on the title character of Abel's Island by William Steig. This is a wonderful children's book that I highly recommend!
Well, thanks for inviting me to join and post on your blog. I just love to knit toys and will post more pictures in time!
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Jennifer said...

I love how you've outfitted him!

Lynda said...

Oh Thank you! He was so fun to make and I would like to make more clothes for him in time!

Amelia said...

He's so cute!