Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swimmy Swimmy

My best friend is having a baby! Wooo hooo! She's an avid SCUBA diver and loves all things under the sea. I've been wanting to make her a felted fish mobile for ages, but had to wait for her to
  1. Reconnect with her college boyfriend
  2. Move in with him
  3. Get married
  4. Buy a home
  5. ...and then get pregnant!

Doesn't she know that there is knitting to do?

Finally now I can start, but I can't blog about it over at my blog, so I'm so glad I have this forum!

I got my yarn (Knitpicks Palette) and my pattern, Felted Fish from the Knitters Stash book. This used to be available from Patternworks as a kit also... hey, it still is!

My only problem now is that the pattern asks for sport or worsted weight, but I thought both would make too large of fish. I'm using fingering weight to make them smaller... so what needles do I use? Are 4s too small for a felted project?


Sue said...

I don’t think that 4s are too small for fingering weight, especially for a toy. I’m using some DK and worsted for various toys and they ask me to use size 3 needles. Congratulations to your friend on the great news!

Jofrog said...

This is felted, I wasn't sure if I should use 5s to make a looser material. If it wasn't felted I'd certainly go down from the suggested needle size.

The pattern suggests DK weight on 8s or Worsted on 10.5s.

knitathome said...

BABIES!!! How exciting. The mobile is adorable.

V said...

What a cute idea! Congratulations to your friend.

Can you knit up a little swatch with the 5s and measure it before felting, then after, and see how much the difference is?