Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby Bunny

Meet my fbunny :o) Pattern of it - own idea.
It was fun to play with the toy and it was a quick knit :o).

Yarn: recycled thin wool in flesh tone, grey, white and black colour
Needles: 2 mm circular


Dave said...

These are absolutely wonderful!!

Bufanditas said...

Those are so adorable!!!

Rebecca said...

What great toys. I have been searching for the patterns, but have had no luck. Can you give me some tips?

rebecca said...

Hi Ela,

I tried to e-mail you (replacing the AT with @), but it was retruned to me. I'd be very grateful if you could try to contact me at rebeccaejamesATyahoo.ca

P.S. I too work in Architecture

Unknown said...

hi, where'd you get the patterns? can you email me at gtansy2003@yahoo.com thanks

Charlotte said...

So cute!!!! the animals are just adorable!! can you send me the pattern at charlottenotaras@gmail.com?

Anonymous said...

I want to make these toys as a baby gift, but am seeing in the pattern that the legs and some other pieces are supposed to be glued on. I don't feel that that is safe for a child's toy. I was just wondering if that's what you did or if you sewed on pieces instead. If you sewed pieces on, did it seem to work all right? They certainly look very cute! Tips on sewing pieces on if that's what you did?

Unknown said...

This is so cute! Could I get the pattern please? wishywashymoo@hotmail.com
Ali :)

Unknown said...

Wow! so so cute! Can please sent me the pattern? Vwy.young@gmail.com